Convert VMware Fusion VM to vSphere (esxi), OVF.

Convert VMware fusion virtual machines to esxi virtual machine

If you want to convert your vmware fusion virtual machines to run on esxi just do the following:

What you’ll need:

  • VMware OVF Tool and a VMware account for download.
  • Mac OSX System with the VM’s you want to convert.
  • Free disk space

1. Download and install the VMware OVF Tool.

It is downloaded as a .tar.gz file from vmware. You’ll need to extract it “tar zxvf $filename.tar.gz”. This should result in the VMware OVF Tool.pkg file. This file hasn’t been signed properly so you’ll need to ctrl click it and choose open to over ride the gatekeeper restrictions in osx. Once this file is installed you can run it from inside applications:

cd /Applications/VMware OVF Tool/

./ovftool –help
Usage: ovftool [options] <source> [<target>]
<source>: Source URL locator to an OVF package, VMX file, or virtual machine in
vCenter or on ESX Server.
<target>: Destination URL locator which specifies either a file location, or a
location in the vCenter inventory or on an ESX Server.

To convert use following syntax:

./ovftool /Volumes/Storage HD/VirtualMachines/windows8.vmwarevm/windows8.vmx /Volumes/Storage HD/Converted/
Opening VMX source: /Volumes/Storage HD/Convert/ubuntu02.vmwarevm/ubuntu02.vmx
Opening OVF target: /Volumes/Storage HD/Converted/
Writing OVF package: /Volumes/Storage HD/Converted/ubuntu02/ubuntu02.ovf
Transfer Completed
Completed successfully

You can now import the created OVF file into vSphere or a standalone ESXi server.

Written by Clemen

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